About Us

Women who wear Nahuala aren’t afraid of anything


R GutiA�rrez, CEOA�


The name comes from the indigenous language nahuatl and it means the inner, the sacred.

Through Nahuala, we as women reflect our spirit, strength and culture; we empower ourselves with a sense of freedom, security, beauty and powerfulness.

The simple isA�extraordinary

Nahuala is a smart, powerful, free, loved, independent and beautiful woman who cares about her surroundings.

SociallyA�responsible companyA�

Nahuala es aA�companyA�that:

  1. Empowers women through fashion

Women that wear Nahuala are empowered imposing their image and their style, reflecting an image of security, beauty, elegance and power.

  1. BindsA�the art and theA�cultureA�with the fashion

Fashion is an art and constitutes a source of personal identity and creativity, because of that we work with artist from different disciplines in order to provide an art vision to Nahuala.

  1. With every collection we make campaigns focused onA�women empowerment.A�

Each season we launch campaigns focused on raising awareness about the human rights of women, which objective is to empower and disassemble gender stereotypes.

  1. Empowers women economically

Women disproportionately suffer poverty and inequity. Our purpose is to accomplish that women who work with Nahuala earn a higher income contributing to achieve their full development as human beings.