Mission: NAHUALA is a social responsible Mexican fashion business which offers women elegant, sophisticated and exclusive garments with indigenous tints and art elements, looking to replant fashion and beauty stereotypes by empowering women.
Vision: To be considered a Mexican brand that represents Mexican culture through fashion that achieves to break the paradigms of beauty, fashion and business that impose international trends routed to social action and awareness.

Paradigms to break

  • Mexican fashion is kitsch, indigenous and without class, and so international runways only present European fashion a�� Nahuala seeks presence in international runways and to impose Mexican culture which is also fashion.
  • Art is only for the rich and belongs to galleries a�� Incorporating art to the garments
  • To share Rosa GutiA�rrezA?s vision of art except the city is beautiful and full of bad-looking things a�� Through the garments, filling it with pretty things.
  • Beauty Stereotypes in which to be pretty a woman must be thin, Caucasian, etc. a�� Including models of different aspects and traits.